Searching For The Perfect Heat

For several months I have been asked by a number of customers for “chilli chocolate”. NKomodo Dragon Chilli Chocolate Bar - The Chocolate Roomow I am a purist, and don’t like the idea of anything that will basically make me cry…. I’m a little soft when it comes to spicy food. I thought to myself, what have I got to lose (apart from a few thousand taste buds!!)? So off I went.

The first thing I did was to search for the chilli I wanted, something no-one had used before (I hoped). I checked the Scoville scale but couldn’t find any chillies with a 100 Scoville score, so I had to go a little higher.

Now, while shopping in a well known supermarket I came across a chilli that was new to the market, no-one could have used this, surely? It was going to be unique to The Chocolate Room! Off I went with a packet of these little fellas in my hand. I went straight home to do some research into the “Komodo Dragon Chilli”. It turns out that these little fellas register a massive 1.4 million on the Scoville scale, I thought that will certainly make someone’s eyes water!

It was now that I had to think of how I would incorporate the chilli into the chocolate. Most people had done this before and I didn’t want to follow the trend, so I decided that a creamy caramel would be my desired choice.

I had my chilli. I had the way I was going to administer the heat. It was off to the development kitchen (at my house!!).

The outer shell was always going to be easy…. it would be a dark chocolate shell but bright red in colour. I do like a cliché every now and again.

The first batch was a bit of a let down, even I could eat them! This was not good enough. I tried another method, this time blitzing the chilli into the caramel……… wow this time it blew my guinea pig’s head off (Suzy, she is the same as me when it comes to heat in food, well maybe a little better).

I tasted them and thought they could do with a little bit of citrus so I made the next batch with some lime juice. These were much better again. As you bite into them, the fruity lime tickles the tongue followed by the heat of the Komodo Dragon sneaking up to create the fire.

The only thing left to do was see if the people that love chilli chocolate, love these. After handing out samples of caramels and different dark chocolate bars at market stalls, I had a winner, the Komodo Dragon Chilli Bar. The chocolate also made a few people cry, but hey, you can’t win them all!

If you enjoy chilli chocolate, why not try our Komodo Dragon Chilli Chocolate Bar?