What makes a Good Truffle??

What makes a Good Truffle??

What Makes A Good Truffle

So what goes into a Gourmet Truffle?  Well I guess that is the million dollar question! Is it the quality of the chocolate,  or the cost of the chocolate? Well in my opinion its more about the end product, you must be able to taste all the flavours that you are applying, appear in the end product.

I have tried to create beer chocolates and have never been able to get the overall flavour so they never make it to production. Too many times have I tasted chocolates, especially bars only to be let down. It makes me wonder whether the producers are even tasting their end products.   Its ok having eye catching boxes and spending thousands of pounds on advertising, but the products in the super designed boxes must deliver the flavour! I have been into some independent  chocolate shops recently and some very big players in the world of chocolates. I always buy a few bars to try and did buy some truffles this time. Purely to see how my chocolates fair against these companies who have been doing this a hell of a lot longer than me.

So when I decide what flavours I am going to try to make I have to start at the same point. What does the end product need to taste like.

Lets take my Mojito truffle for example. I can honestly say that before I had thought about this I had never had the cocktail. So that is were I have to begin, right?? So I Gather the ingredients and make myself a drink. Most people who have had the drink tell me its refreshing and very minty due to the mint plant that I find in the drink and hey presto they are right. the first thing that hits me is the mint then the warming rum comes through with a nice zingy drop of lime.

So when i see a box in a shop with a lot of cocktail chocolates in, I am intrigued to what they are going to be like. Now i must point out that i am not the only taster, the first one i try is the Mojito, i bite and try it………….The taste of pure rum is overwhelminhg with not a lot of anything else. I am not a fan, the flavour is not what i tasted back when i had my first sip of the drink i had made. The next one was a Gin and Tonic, again it was just alcohol,  i like a good G&T and this doesn’t remind me of anything i have had in the past.

Now I dont make bean to bar, or claim to make the best chocolates in the world, I do however concentrate on flavours. My Bakewell tart truffle is everything it should be, you start with the  taste of raspberry jam which is made by myself, followed by the almond which is delivered 2 different ways. Firstly almond essence is added to the white chocolate ganache, toasted almonds are then rolled on the outside creating the texture.

The thought process that goes into creating one of my chocolates is long,  in the end, as near to the original as I can possibly get it,  without using cheats…….in my opinion that is what makes a good chocolate.